What’s SoLoMo and How Does It Affect Inbound Marketing?

What’s SoLoMo and How Does It Affect Inbound Marketing?

If you’re curious as to how your inbound marketing strategy will change in the future, then look no further than SoLoMo. In this blog we’ll take a look at what the future holds for inbound marketing.

But first, let’s define what SoLoMo is. Here’s how Tech Target describes it:

“SoLoMo (social, local and mobile) is a term representing the convergence of collaborative, location-based and on-the-go technologies, primarily used for marketing and discovery purposes.”

SoLoMo has already made a big impact on inbound marketing. Let’s take a look at each individual component:

So – Social 

The “So” in SoLoMo refers to social media. In the context of businesses, it refers to social media marketing.

Social media is a huge part of online marketing. Companies are using it to establish their brand, generate leads, increase the visibility of their content, and interact with users. Don’t expect the social trend to reverse any time soon.

Lo – Local

If you practice search engine marketing, then you probably already know what local SEO is. For those who don’t, it’s the practice of optimizing your website and content so your website will show up in Google’s local search results.

Local is especially important for small businesses. You don’t want to compete on a national scale against thousands of businesses in your industry, so concentrate your efforts on your local market where you can have success.

Mo – Mobile

And finally, there’s mobile. There’s currently a huge movement in inbound marketing where companies are evolving from “mobile-friendly” to “mobile-first.”

This applies to your website, your content, your social media sites, and your emails. Everything needs to be mobile. Your customers are changing their habits and relying more on mobile devices, so you need to accommodate to that shift.

The core of inbound marketing will remain the same. Your focus will still be on members of your target audience being able to find your business, but you’ll just have to incorporate elements of SoLoMo.

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