Website Design: 3 Key Usability Points for Non-Savvy Users

Website Design: 3 Key Usability Points for Non-Savvy Users

Not all of your website users will be Computer Science majors. You should therefore design your site in a way that anyone can navigate it. Here are the major points:

Intuitive navigation

“Recognition rather than recall” is a standard principle of usability design. It means first-time users should have no problem finding their way around your site. They should see it an immediately know what to do and where to click.

Non-esoteric content

This is a major aspect for businesses in technical industries. You should never assume that your users will understand jargon and technical terms. You have to explain everything so that the layman can understand it.

According to this Tech Cocktail article, you should consider using images and videos to clear things up:

“No one wants to arrive on a web page and face a huge wall of text with nothing to break it up. Write engaging copy that will hold the readers’ interest and structure it in proper paragraphs so it is easy to read. Use images and videos to support the text and make sure any videos you do use only provide the specific information required.”

There’s nothing wrong with having more advanced information, but it shouldn’t be on your homepage. Keep things simple at first and then increase the difficulty level slowly.

Clear CTAs

Call-to-actions are an essential element of a good website. In addition to all the text, images, and videos on your site, you need clear CTAs to convert your leads.

The key is to make your CTAs noticeable and put them at the top of your page. Match them with your site’s color scheme so they draw the attention of your users.

Don’t be afraid to add multiple CTAs or create landing pages for users. This is, after all, the whole purpose of your website.

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