Using Weebly to Jumpstart Your Website Design Process

Using Weebly to Jumpstart Your Website Design Process

Sometimes you find one overarching reason to choose a vendor. Here you’ll find seven reasons to choose Weebly as your web design and hosting vendor.

1. Ease of use. Weebly uses pre-designed templates you customize using a drag-and-drop interface. Creating a well-designed, quick loading website requires no knowledge of HTML, CSS or PHP. It’s all hosted on their servers, known for fast load times. They take care of security, too. Choose from designing online or using their Android or Apple apps.

2. Flexible Templates. Weebly lets you start with a template, but offers the option to customize the CSS. You tweak the template to your liking. It provides three design categories: business, portfolio and personal. These user tested designs offer easy to navigate layouts that present your information in a palatable manner.

3. SEO. Weebly is more than a host or a DIY design tool. It coaches its users in unfamiliar areas. It offers an SEO guide, SEO tools that help you find customers and improve Google ranking, plus a SEO scorecard to track your progress. Use its features to leverage local SEO and help customers find you.

4. Widgets & tools. As your business grows, you website must, too. Weebly provides more than 200 integrable widgets and apps that add functionality with a drag, a drop, and a few clicks. These include business must haves like accounting, appointment scheduling and live chat.

5. Powerful blog. The SEO tools extend to the blog posts. Your template automatically integrates with your blog. It’s not the red-headed stepchild add-on some hosts make it.

6. E-Commerce. Weebly provides a plethora of e-commerce tools. It makes it simple to add its shopping cart or an online store. In fact, with a click you can transform the personal site you began into an e-commerce site with all the desired bells and whistles. Its Promote feature helps you jumpstart your marketing, from ads to e-mails to SEO keywords.

7. Visitor statistics. Statistics and analytics help you grow your brand or business, if you know what they mean. Rather than merely putting numbers in front of you, Weebly provides guides to explain their meaning. You get in app reports, plus educational tools to help you understand them and appropriately act on them.

Starting a blog, website or e-business doesn’t have to be hard. Weebly provides an all-inclusive, seamlessly integrated, absolutely affordable solution to get your Web presence going and growing. Contact Lowcountry Media Solutions and let us help you get your business started with Weebly.