Three Tips for Local SEO

Three Tips for Local SEO

Getting great rankings for locally-oriented keywords, also known as local SEO, is an absolute must in today’s digital world and can mean everything when it comes to gaining an edge over competitors. Here are three tips on how to get better local search rankings.

Get Listed In ALL Directories

When it comes to getting your business listed in online directories, it is not enough to have a Google My Business page and a Yelp listing. Get your business mentioned in every local and national online directory that you can find, including government sites related to businesses and corporations and sites like Glassdoor.

Get Your Reviews

Encourage customers to leave positive reviews on your listings, such as on your Google and Facebook pages and on Yelp. Positive reviews really do increase your rankings. Remember to respond to all reviews, whether positive or negative. In the case of negative reviews, say that you’re sorry that the customer had a bad experience and invite them to contact your customer service team to resolve the issue. This gets the negative discussion off the web.

NAP Consistency

Your Name, Address, and Phone number must be absolutely consistent across all channels, whether it’s on your website, a Facebook page, a Yelp listing, a Twitter account, or anything else where you can post a listing online. This means that the format must be consistent as well. Don’t write St. on one listing and Street on the other. If your phone number’s area code is in parenthesis, make sure that it is always in parenthesis. Having inconsistent listings confuses the search engines and lowers your rankings.

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