The Same Core Principles Apply to Internet Marketing

The Same Core Principles Apply to Internet Marketing

Internet marketing might seem like something new at first, but it relies on the same core marketing principles. Although marketers now have access to new platforms, like social media and search engines, human psychology remains the same.

Inbound Marketing is a good example of this. On the one hand, some marketers say that content marketing is a new strategy that emerged after Google responded to search engine optimization strategies. But on the other hand, this Forbes article explains that content marketing has been around for more than a hundred years:

“Content marketing was thriving far before the Internet, and even before any of us were alive. John Deere’s magazine, The Furrow, was a classic form of content marketing, launched in 1895. Its subscribers were — or became — customers of Deere equipment and fostered future generations of customers.”

There’s a clear explanation for these differing opinions. You can understand content marketing from two different perspectives: theoretical and applied. The core principle of content marketing is that if you create and share great content, it’ll give you credibility, bring customers to your business, and eventually result in sales. When we apply content marketing to the Internet, then we start talking about search engines, metrics and analytics, and social media. The theory of content marketing is nothing new, but its online application emerged just a few years ago.

This is reassuring for all the business owners that don’t know where to start with Internet marketing. If your head is swimming with acronyms (PPC, SEO, SEM, etc.), then just remember that at the end of the day, it’s just marketing. Internet marketing is just traditional marketing in an online context. There are a few technical terms and tactics that make it different, but the same core principles still apply.

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