The Importance of Keyword Research

The Importance of Keyword Research

For the next couple of weeks we will be breaking down the components of SEO so that we can better understand it as a whole. This week we will be taking an in-depth look at Keyword Research and how it affects our SEO performance.

Keyword research is an important task to complete early on to keep your search results competitive. This research shows what Google and other search engines  prioritize and put at the top of search queries. By understanding what keywords rank higher, you can use those words to climb up the metaphorical ladder of Google.

The first step of keyword research is coming up with the words themselves. Think about the post you’re writing and put yourself into the reader’s shoes. If the reader wanted to get to your post, what words would they have to search for in order to get there? Try to think of any combination of words. Brainstorm them and write them out. Once you have a large, scrolling list of word combinations you can start the real research.

While researching, there are a few metrics to judge your list by, which Dr. Peter J. Meyers goes over in greater detail here. He talks about the important values to judge your keywords on, such as their difficulty, competition, and potential.

The difficulty of a keyword is simply how hard it is for the average reader to come up with. The more niche your post is, the harder it will be for your reader to find the right word to access it. But if your post’s subject is too broad, then it’s subject to competition. The wider your net flies, the more likely it is to hit other fisherman’s nets on the way. Sometimes these nets belong to stronger fishermen (corporate businesses) that you don’t want to compete with. But when you find the happy medium of these metrics, you find the value of the third: potential.

Keyword research is the first step towards building a perfect SEO for yourself. By understanding what works, you can climb the ranks of search engines and make your posts easy to find. Doing so will grant you a large number of faithful followers.

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