Why SEO Tools Won’t Save Your Local Search Campaign

Why SEO Tools Won’t Save Your Local Search Campaign

We’ve seen many businesses rely on SEO tools for their local search campaigns. These campaigns almost always lack a holistic approach and misuse SEO tools. 

SEO tools make your campaign more efficient

The correct usage of SEO tools will make your campaign more efficient. They’ll help you target keywords, identify your competitors, and optimize your content for search engines. In this respect, there’s no reason not to incorporate them in your campaign. 

SEO tools can’t think for you 

It’s clear that SEO tools can’t think for you, but that’s exactly what many businesses seem to expect from them. This Search Engine Land article explains why you need a person to design a strategy, as opposed to tools and data: 

“Your tools are a starting point. You need to understand the data the tools present so you know how to interpret what they’re telling you. SEO is a complex and nuanced discipline, so look beyond the tools and use your big brain to optimize your sites.”

SEO tools can collect and organize data, but they can’t interpret them for you. This requires thinking, experience, and analysis. Something only a human can do. 

How can you learn to optimize your page?

To overcome this problem, you need to have a thorough understanding of search engine optimization. Rather than just obsessing over how you can do things, start asking why you should do them in the first place. There are plenty of online resources available to help you with this journey. 

Alternatively, you can work with an SEO agency to take care of this aspect for you. There’s no shame in devoting more time to your business, as opposed to learning a new trade. In fact, assuming that the agency will be more efficient than you, this will have a net positive effect on your bottom line. 

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