Search Engine Optimization: Branded vs Unbranded Queries

Search Engine Optimization: Branded vs Unbranded Queries

In this blog, we’ll go over an important distinction in regard to search engine optimization: branded and unbranded queries. This seemingly small difference can actually make a big impact on your lead conversion strategy.

Not all searches are the same 

It’s not uncommon for marketers to put all Google searches into one big pot. They might not differentiate leads until they track their source (social media, PPC ad, organic search, etc).

But searches are different just by the nature of their text. The semantics here are crucial, since they determine whether someone already knows your brand or not.

Branded vs unbranded queries 

This Forbes article explains why businesses should differentiate between branded and unbranded queries. According to the article, you should tailor your marketing efforts to each kind:

“For branded queries, searchers are already familiar with your company, so the emphasis should be on providing them a great experience with your website that is in line with other online and offline communication. With an unbranded, or generic inquiry, recommendations should focus on boosting your website in relation to the competition.”

Someone who typed your brand into Google clearly already has some idea about it. For these leads, your content should focus on demonstrating your brand’s excellence compared to other businesses in the industry.

An unbranded query, on the other hand, means that the user might not know your brand yet. Therefore, your content should not only introduce your brand, but also focus on getting the highest possible ranking in Google’s search engine results pages. Most users will see a good ranking as indicative of brand credibility, anyway.

It might not be the most talked about topic of SEO, but treating branded and unbranded queries appropriately can make a big difference on your campaign. To talk more about search engine optimization, or anything else, contact us today.