Search Engine Optimization Is Always Changing

Search Engine Optimization Is Always Changing

There were webmasters who lost a fortune because Google changed their algorithm. These people built up websites that generated tons of traffic, gliding to the top of the search engine rankings, beating out other websites that had better content than they did, showing a myriad of advertisements to a myriad of people every day, racking up traffic and money hand over fist.

Then everything changed. The search engine optimization techniques that used to work no longer worked. The game changed, and Google introduced another game, a game that rewarded players who provided their audiences with quality content, a game that punished players who tried to make their content appealing to machines instead of humans.

These days, some people wonder if the game will change again. Will the search engine optimization techniques that my small business is using today still be effective tomorrow? With so much power concentrated in the hands of one company, a large corporation, albeit one with a pledge to “do no evil”, is it safe to even invest in search engine optimization, an arena where Google can destroy all my efforts with a simple tweak to their algorithm.

The resounding answer is yes! Invest in search engine optimization, but more importantly invest in splendid content. The game may be changing, but it is always moving in the same direction, a place where good content is rewarded and bad content, content that speaks to machines instead of humans is punished.

Some people might think that the Panda and Penguin updates, the ones that punished webmasters who uploaded light content and indulged in backlinks, was a random act, but it is vital to remember why Google exists. Their corporate mission is to organize the world’s information and make it accessible. Google changed their algorithm, because search is their bread and butter, and search only works if web users enjoy using Google’s search engine. That is why the companies who created great content, and avoided any SEO tricks came out unscathed through Panda and Penguin. As a matter of fact, they were stronger than ever, because their rivals, who relied on unsavory tactics, fell off the map.

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