Reduce Bounce with Optimal Web Design

Reduce Bounce with Optimal Web Design

Are you struggling to achieve your website goals? If web sales are down, conversions are low, or leads are sparse, you may need to consider making a few tweaks to your site. Just a few design changes can reduce website bounce and help your site be more successful. 

What is bounce?

Website “bounce” is when someone lands on your site and then, sooner rather than later, bounces out of it by ending the session. A small amount of bounce is ok, because not everyone that lands on your site was looking for you. However, increasing percentages of bounce can indicate that there is something about your web design that’s turning off your visitors.

5 ways to reduce bounce with optimal website design:

1) Make it easy to see what you do and who you are. Make sure your business name and logo are easy to see. Eyes swipe from left to right, so the upper left corner is a great place to put it. If the name of your business doesn’t say what you do, like “Mary’s Cookies”, then you may want to add a tagline to your logo. For example, If the name of the business is Mary Mack, then the tagline would be “fresh cookies made to order”. This helps the visitor to see that if they are looking for fresh baked cookies, your site can help them get what they need. 

2) Use the right visual for your homepage. It’s typical to have a homepage banner or background image that sets the tone for the site. If you sell motorcycles, it may be an image of a rider on a cycle. If you sell cookies, it may be an image of a child eating your best selling cookie with delight in their eyes. Make sure the image speaks to how you can help people and sets an appropriate virtual ambiance. If the image isn’t appropriate, or too pushy, then visitors will bounce at a higher rate. 

3) Create easy action steps for the customer to get help and purchase the right product. This can be in the form of a drop down menu, clearly designed categories, or a “click here for more information” link leading to a content page about your business process. When visitors get lost or confused they are much more likely to bounce. 

4) Audit your site often for errors. If someone else helps you manage your site, like adding new products, or adding content, then schedule time once a month to audit your site for errors. Spelling errors or functional errors both give the impression that you don’t care to manage the details. This includes taking the time to look carefully at images with wording, as they can have spelling errors as well and may need to be redesigned or replaced. 

5) Offer live chat help to assist visitors. Live chat plugin tools can be pretty easy to install and very helpful for the visitors to your site. Whether they have a question about your services, or a question about the site in general, you can be right there to help them. This can be a game changer. Rather than bouncing you may make the sale. 

With the right support, any of these design changes should be relatively easy to make within a 2-3 week time period. You probably don’t want to be the one making changes yourself, but a well qualified website design team like LowCountry Media Solutions can help you make the changes. For more information on how to get started and increase the success of your site, contact us.