PROVEN Website Design Tips to STOP Bounce Rates

PROVEN Website Design Tips to STOP Bounce Rates

Didn’t they see my awesome profile picture? Do they know how much I spent on those headshots? Who doesn’t like fuschia? I don’t understand why they are leaving my website so soon? Isn’t the sparkly bird gif an eye catcher? Have you asked yourself any of these questions about your excellent site? If so, and the answers still baffle you it’s time to look at not only what you enjoy, but what your customers would like to experience when visiting your page. Okay, maybe we are a poking a little fun at the glittery adornments, but there is nothing funny when it comes to bouncing rates. Your website should reflect your business vibe. However, what keeps customers coming back is the ease and enjoyment of their online stopover.

Going back to the term bounce rate and what it means, it’s how much time consumers spend on your page once they have landed. If you’re not sure of what the term landed means here is a good example…

Most people love to travel, and part of the journey is often the flight. Once they’ve landed exploring is a treat, but if the place they’ve landed is not overly appealing more than likely, they’ll leave. This illustration can help you understand the importance of keeping guests ON your page and not taking flight.

6 Design Tips to Bounce Proof your Site

1. Keep your “landing strip” (navigation) clean. A frustrating experience when searching the web is to identify a site, only to arrive there and be confused by its content. Keep your navigation bar easily detectable and your page uncluttered. Have a good balance of content and pictures. High-quality photos vs. a million fuzzy thumbnail pictures will help your visitors stay engaged and intrigued.

2. Align your Search Engine Optimization (SEOs) with you Landing Page. Yay! Folks found the information they were looking for via a search engine and they’ve read your site description and clicked to your home page.”Wait. What? Am I on the correct page?” they ask. Get the idea? Unfortunately, your guest didn’t “get the idea.” Be sure once your new customer’s touchdown they know they’re at the right airport!

3. Consolidate your site’s content in a comprehensive way to keep the surf time lightening fast. “We’re sorry folks, but due to engine difficulties your flight has been delayed.” Argh!!! Slowed display is NOT the experience you want your guests to have when reaching their website destination. Once they moved beyond locating your page (boarding), the take-off (loading) should be at turbojet speed. In a world full of sophisticated electronics, patience has been packed away for most.

4. Make sure your photos have titles. If they are originals, give them an appropriate label. If your pictures are borrowed, remove the link attached, so your customers don’t click away from your site. However, be sure to give photo credit where it is due.

5. Keep your content organic. Create as much original content as often as you can. Search engines such as Google troll for new and authentic content, daily. The more you feed the machine, the more they power your page.

6. Stay relevant. Let’s assume your visitors are insightful and educated people, searching for cutting-edge stories. Providing quality and valuable material will certainly keep them coming and more importantly bouncing from your site.

You didn’t need the bedazzled bird after all! If you’d like more information regarding customizing and optimizing your site, contact us We know how to keep customers from taking flight!