Points to Consider When Small Businesses Seek Mobile App Development

Points to Consider When Small Businesses Seek Mobile App Development

As the owner of a new small business, you are keeping your fingers on the pulse of your customer base. You engage in social media marketing, newsletters and email lists. Your next step should be targeting the mobile market niche with an app. Today’s savvy shopper uses his/her mobile device or tablet to report their location, their mood, traffic snarls and more  to anyone who will read it on social media. Your mission, and you would be wise to accept it, is to capture all that attention with an irresistible app.  Here are a few points about mobile app development to consider.

Keeping Up with the Numbers

Not everyone has a desktop or laptop computer. In 2012, 55 percent of Americans accessed the web from their mobile devices. The majority of those said they wouldn’t use any other method of getting online. Three years later, it would be fair to double that number. Think about how many teens you see every day walking around with their noses bent over a mobile phone. People stopped at traffic lights are busily searching for something on their smart phones. Students, young professionals, persons of every age, nationality and color shop on their mobile phones. Your app will secure a portion of this vast source of revenue.

Profiling Your Customers

When people come to your website, they make up a wish list. From that information, you can personalize your newsletters and emails. Your mobile app will include personalized content as well. When your customers enter your establishment, they will pull up this content and shop for the items with discounts or other innovations or services you offered them. This is called remarketing, a thing Entrepreneur thinks will boost your business by leveraging mobile devices to personally interact with your customer base.

The Benefits of Inbound Marketing

Engaging your customers’ thoughts and emotions involves them personally with your brand. Your customer base as well as potential new customers is searching for information. Content should answer their questions, direct them to a solution and satisfy their emotions. Inbound marketing gives you the opportunity to personally engage people, bringing them into the circle of your influence.

Looks are Everything

To some businesses, their mobile app is an afterthought or the most basic of interfaces with the most basic information. Savvy users need content as well as an attractive interface that will keep them engaged. While you’re working hard on growing your business, you need a designer who will help.

While you’re keeping your fingers on the pulse of your customer base, Lowcountry Media Solutions is right there with you. We do many things very well. We’ll go over your needs and how we can meet them when you contact us.