Why You Should Not Do Your Web Design Alone or Use a Generic Template

Why You Should Not Do Your Web Design Alone or Use a Generic Template

Every website owner knows they need to have a great website design. But most don’t know what makes a good website design. When doing web design alone, you’re likely to mess up.

You want to make sure that your visitors can easily access and navigate your website. However, you need to make sure that you don’t overwhelm them. Unfortunately, this is what usually happens with DIY websites.

Remember, you want to use your website to bring in sales and conversions. If things are too complicated with too many options, your website will convert at a lower rate. Your website needs to be optimized around conversions. Too many eye-catching images and videos, too many sliding banners and not enough white space will cause people’s eyes to glaze over. Many premade templates have this problem. If you’re using a template, you’ll be limited by the template you are using.

The best thing to do is choose one target conversion and optimize your website around it. A professional web design service will be able to customize your website around your own specific goals, while DIY websites often use the same generic templates for all websites across the board.

In addition, even if you do find a template that you like, it may not be optimized for mobile devices. Some people think that they don’t need a mobile website, because most of their visitors visit on desktop devices. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s say even just 10 percent of your visitors are on mobile. You don’t want to lose out on 10 percent of your sales. Your website needs to have a mobile responsive design as well. For these reasons, we highly recommend that you get a professional web design service to customize your website for you. Contact us today for more information.