Managing Your Presence in Online Directories

Managing Your Presence in Online Directories

The Internet isn’t important just to huge businesses, but to small local ones as well. When people want a product or service, they’ll often do a Web search on the type of service and the location (e.g., “plumbers in Charleston, SC”). They’ll find online directories with lists of businesses. If you’re on those lists, they may call you.

Making effective use of them is part of what’s called hyperlocal marketing. Modern as the term sounds, the concept is very old. It simply means reaching the people in your locality. The only surprise is that you can do this through the Internet.

Having your own website gives you a big advantage, no matter how small your business is. Promoting it hyperlocally takes some work, though. If the online directories link to your site, you’ve got a lot more visibility than businesses without a Web presence.

If the information on you is missing, outdated, or plain wrong, though, people won’t be able to reach you. They might assume you’re out of business. The errors could be on a lot of directory sites. How do you keep them all updated? It’s a lot of work to find each one and send it corrected information.

Fortunately, several services exist that will handle the updating for you. For a monthly fee, services such as Yext keep dozens of hyperlocal sites up to date on your business. When you provide the service with new information about your address, phone, or hours, the update will go to all the sites.

People often look in more than one directory when shopping. If they see you listed everywhere, with consistent information, that gives them confidence in your business.

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