Local Search SEO Tip: Making Your Business Address Prominent

Local Search SEO Tip: Making Your Business Address Prominent

Recently, Business 2 Community shared an important infographic depicting local search SEO statistics. One of the insights is that 50% of people conducting a local search on a smartphone and 34% who conduct the search on a computer or tablet will go that same day to a local business. Another key insight is that roughly half of the people conducting searches on a mobile device are looking up important business information, including the address.

Can people find your business address easily?

Making your business address prominent on your website is critical. Prospective customers will experience less frustration trying to find you; the quicker they can look up your address, the greater the chances that they’ll follow through and visit you rather than opting for a competitor. Furthermore, displaying your business address properly can help improve your local search SEO.

  • Ideally, your business address and other contact information won’t appear only on one page of your website. Even if you display it most prominently on the main landing page or on your ‘about us’ or ‘contact us’ page, it can also appear on other pages.
  • Post clear, detailed directions to your business. Not only will customers appreciate it; you’ll also improve local search SEO rankings by describing the route to your location. Integrate Google Maps with your site to further give prospective customers a clear idea of where you are.
  • Write blog posts or other content featuring your location. For example, if there are local events in your town that you’re involved with, write about them and mention your address.
  • Make sure your address and other important contact information are accurate everywhere else on the Internet, including social media platforms and review sites such as Yelp.

For further assistance with improving your local search SEO, please contact us. Prospective customers should be able to find you quickly and easily when conducting an online search.