Why Keyword Tools Are Important For Search Engine Marketing

Why Keyword Tools Are Important For Search Engine Marketing

What’s a keyword tool, you ask? Keyword tools are an unavoidable necessity when it comes to search engine marketing. Without a keyword tool, you may be utilizing keywords throughout your website, but you will have no idea how many people are actually typing these keywords into the search engines each month. You also will have absolutely no clue as to how many competitors you have. In other words, you won’t know how many websites are targeting this very same keyword. This is a crucial piece of information to know, as it will directly affect your page rank. With a keyword tool, however, you can find out exactly which keywords are the right ones to use, and which ones are to be avoided. Here are the three main advantages you will gain by using a sophisticated keyword tool.

1-Average searches per month. A keyword tool can help you find out the average amount of searches a particular keyword is receiving each month. If there are less than fifty searches, this keyword should obviously be skipped, as there is no great benefit in using this keyword.

2-The QSR, or quoted search results. This is the exact number of websites that target this particular keyword. When typing a keyword into Google, you may notice that Google gives you sometimes over a million results. This is not the QSR . Rather Google is giving you all websites that have even a very remote connection to the keyword you typed in, not the number of webpages that actually contain this exact keyword.

A sophisticated keyword tool will be able to give you the exact QSR. This knowledge is extremely important. A keyword may receive thousands of searches per month; however, if the QSR (quoted search results) are also in the thousands, it will likely be close to impossible to outrank the existing websites that are already well-established on the first page. In fact, it’s not a good idea to target a keyword that has a QSR of over 300.

3-Similar keywords. Upon your researching a particular keyword, a good keyword tool will give you similar keywords along with the average amount of searches they receive and their QSR. These are oftentimes keywords that you may not have thought of yourself.

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