Internet Marketing: What Qualifies as Smart Marketing?

Internet Marketing: What Qualifies as Smart Marketing?

Whether it’s Internet marketing, direct marketing, or inbound marketing, you want to have a “smart” strategy. The only questions left are: “what qualifies as a ‘smart’ marketing campaign?” and “how can I make my strategy ‘smarter?'”

In this post, we’ll talk about smart marketing in the context of Internet marketing. But even when we narrow the scope, it can take on a lot of different meanings.

Some businesses think smart marketing means covering all the bases and taking advantage of every opportunity with respect to Internet marketing. A recent Business 2 Community article explains why that’s not the case:

“Smart marketing isn’t about FB’ing, podcasting, public speaking, Tweeting, Instagramming, Snapchatting, YouTubing… al. It’s about creating a goal and a strategic way of reaching it by increasing your visibility in the places where your prospects hang out. In other words, you need an online marketing strategy that will get you the results you need aka revenue.”

Do you know what happens when you try to be a hit on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, and Twitter? You end up having dud accounts on each platform. There’s just no way you can create enough quality content and interact with users on each site.

No, smart marketing isn’t about following the trends, trying to do everything, or trying to game the system. It’s about identifying your target audience and creating a plan to find and interact with them online.

At this point, you can start to narrow your options. Based on the demographics of your target audience, maybe those users are on Facebook. Or maybe they’re more visual and prefer Instagram. Or maybe they’re old-school and just want to subscribe to a good email newsletter.

Whatever the case may be, this will be your best chance to generate and convert leads. You’re limiting the amount of work and coming out with a more effective marketing campaign nonetheless.

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