Internet Marketing Tips to Increase Conversions

Internet Marketing Tips to Increase Conversions

Are you looking for ways to boost your internet marketing conversions? Here are a number of tips to help you out!

Test Your Content

Before focusing on any single topic, whether it’s for your blog or for social media, do some research to see whether or not it converts. A great tool for this purpose is Buzzsumo. Buzzsumo lets you track which content is trending. This is also a very useful tool when it comes to monitoring your competition, as you can use Buzzsumo to find out which types of content your competitors are focusing on.

Utilize Charts

Using charts, whether bar, pie, or graph charts, is an excellent way to show your visitors supporting data. If you want to bring out the benefits of using your product, for example, you can use charts on your landing page to show people the results your product has brought — you can even do a before and after chart. A free and simple way to create charts is by using the tool Chartgo.

Have a Short Capture Form

If you have a sign up form on your website, whether it is on a page, on a sidebar, or as a pop-up, try to reduce the number of fields required to fill out. Only request information that is absolutely necessary — for example, if you have a sign-up form for your email list, you really only need to know a person’s email address. The less fields to fill out, the more likely a person is to do it.

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