Increase Conversions by Making Better Use of Images in Your Website Design

Increase Conversions by Making Better Use of Images in Your Website Design

It’s well known that images make web pages more attractive because they break up tedious blocks of text. People are, after all, highly visual and experience the world that way. Naturally, they would find websites with some visual stimulation more appealing. But using images merely to beautify your website is underutilizing their power. Specifically, you aren’t using their power to increase your sales and profits. The type of images you choose has a profound impact on your conversion rates.

Here are three ways of using imagery in your website design to increase conversions:

Use Images That Emotionally Convey Your Product’s Benefits

People buy products to experience their benefits, yet many sales and product pages focus too heavily on features. It’s less about the product as a thing that makes it attractive, and more about what it enables the owner to do or feel.

The best way to convey this, is an image of a person expressing the emotion associated with the product’s main benefit. People are good at reading the emotions of others, and will instantly empathize with a model expressing these same feelings.

Use Relevant Images

This should be obvious, but there are varying degrees of relevancy. Some images are only relevant in a very remote way. If the image’s connection to your product or its benefits is symbolic or indirect, your conversions will suffer. Without a highly relevant and direct image, the prospect won’t imagine themselves using or experiencing your product.

Use Large Quality Images of Your Product

Large detailed images of your product help the viewer to better understand what they are buying. Include images of the parts of the product people usually check when they’re looking at it in a physical store.

Show the product from different angles. This gives the viewer a better impression of the product as a real three-dimensional object. You are essentially simulating the buying experience at a physical store. This will both increase your conversion rates and reduce your return rates.

These are only three of the many ways you can increase your website’s conversion rates. To learn more, contact us today.