Improving User Experience with Web Design

Improving User Experience with Web Design

Are you looking for better results online? You may want to consider improving the user experience of your site. A high user engagement, or a good user experience, is positively associated with visitor return rate and click-through rate. Basically, if your site is easy to use, then people will like it and use it more. For a business or website manager, having happy users is a reward in itself, because it will make you happier as well, but it can also mean greater success for you and your business. 

An integral element of user experience that would be wise to consider evaluating is web design. Web design is both the creative and technical building or redesigning of your site, and it has become a critical component in user experience and engagement. A well designed website with high usability has been shown to increase purchase behavior as well as return rate (1)

Did you know that 55% of website traffic will stay on your website page only 15 seconds? This means you have 15 seconds or less to engage and attract a visitor once they hit your home page. Visitors will be looking for different things, but there are a few elements to consider that may help ensure that you keep more of them. (2)

Navigation. Does your site make it easy to find what you need? Are your links visible, and do you have the search box in a place that’s easy to find?

Graphics. Do your graphics capture the essence of your business, but also show exactly what you do? If the graphics aren’t exactly the right graphics for your type of site, then they could be turning off your users. 

Organization. How is your site organized? Do the categories make sense?

Content. Is the content on your site relevant and helpful? Are there any grammar or spelling mistakes that need to be corrected? 

Purpose. Do you know the purpose of your site, and is it posted clearly on your homepage?

Simplicity. Make sure your site makes it easy for your user to accomplish what you want them to do. Work out the complications on the back end. Do not give them a 20 question survey. Give them 2-3 options max. 

Readability. Make sure your site is easy to read. This includes a large enough font size and words that most people can understand. 

Redesigning your website for improved usability is a big project. It’s also super important to get right. Out of the box templates and do it yourself programming is risky and often yields regret rather than results.  Lowcountry Media Solutions LLC specializes in web design that improves user experience. Don’t get bogged down in the details. Let us make it easy. Contact us today to see how we can help.