How to Get Started With Schema Markups for Local SEO

How to Get Started With Schema Markups for Local SEO

What are Schema markups? Why use them? And how can you use Schema to improve your local SEO?

What Are Schema Markups?

Schema markups are essentially HTML data that tell the SERPs information about your website and content. Without Schema markups, the SERPs may index your content, but they may not necessarily understand what exactly you are referencing. Schema markups are HTML tags that tell the SERPs exactly what you mean. Not only that, but this information can appear in the SERPs alongside your metadata. This will increase your click-through rate and your rankings.

What Are Examples of Schema Markups?

There are many types of Schema markups. For local businesses, Schema markups will help the SERPs index and display information about your business, such as your address, phone number, information about events, recipes if you are a restaurant, pricing, reviews and ratings, and much more. This information will appear next to your website when it appears in the search results.

How Can You Get Started With Schema? is a joint collaboration between Google, Yahoo and Bing and has a lot of free information to help you get started. To add Schema to your website via HTML, you can use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper in your Webmaster Tools. Some plugins, such as All In One Rich Snippets, let you add limited Schema markups to your site, but only a small sample of the many markups available.

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