Four Website Design Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Business

Four Website Design Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Business

If your Internet marketing efforts are producing disappointing results, the problem could lie with your web design. How can you determine if poor conversion is a website problem? A close look at your website analytics might reveal high bounce rates and short visitor times. In addition, website design mistakes like the four listed below could be at the heart of your problem.

Poor Use of White Space

Good page structure makes your content more attractive and easily read. Haphazard arrangements or densely packed content and advertisements confuse and possibly annoy the visitor. The key to good page structure is using white space to make page elements distinct from each other. These elements should be grouped (using white space) in an organized and logical fashion.

Using Free Website Builders

Many web hosting services provide free drag-and-drop website builders as a courtesy to their customers. While this is a great way for hosting services to attract new customers, it does the customer a disservice. These website builders produce excessive back-end code that slows down page loading times and causes other performance issues. Visitors won’t have the time or patience to wait for slow loading pages.

Failing to Make Clear What Your Business Does

Most visitors spend a few seconds assessing a page before deciding to leave or stay. If there’s any indication that they have landed in the wrong place, they will leave. If they expect to land on a sporting goods website, this should be abundantly clear within a few seconds of landing.

Some websites use obscure hero images at the top of their page that give no hint about their business. Placing a description lower on the page (if at all) will lose many visitors because some people won’t scroll down to find out. Only businesses with the most well-known brands can afford to do this.

Hiding Important Information

Don’t make the visitor search around for contact information, business hours, location information, and frequently asked questions. This information is vital to your customers and to your acquiring new business. Don’t subordinate this to less important aspects of web design.

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