Discover the Web Design Trends for 2019

Discover the Web Design Trends for 2019

Web design is critical for a business website’s success. Over the course of just one year, there are many changes including search algorithm updates, best practices, and consumer trends. A website that appears cutting edge when launched can sometimes become dated in just a few short months.

A website does not improve with age. So, if your business website has not been updated in a few years, there is a good chance that it does not conform to current trends in format, function, and style. According to Search Engine Land, a leading news and information source on search engine marketing, a failure to redesign a website can “potentially cause search engines to no longer view that website as the authoritative answer to relevant queries. In some cases, certain mistakes can even result in penalties.”

Regardless, your website is where people learn about you. Never overestimate the power a website has to be the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. So, it is important to recognize the difference between a trend and a passing fad. If a new or redesigned website is part of your 2019 strategy, you will want it to last several years.

Here are several leading web design trends for 2019:

1. Speed – According to Google, a one-second delay of a website loading on a mobile device can impact conversions by up to 20 percent. Yet, the typical website can take as much as 15.3 seconds. Humans are impatient. A fully optimized site should load within 3 seconds.

2. Flat Design – The trend toward clean, minimalist web designs began back in 2017 and continues today. These websites load faster and have a high SEO value. Clean and crisp edges, bright colors, and lots of open space without clutter creates an aesthetically pleasing look.

3. Mobile First – Going back several years, Google has given preferential treatment to mobile-optimized websites. This is based on consumer trends and the use of mobile search being used to meet immediate needs. Without a mobile-friendly design, your site will not rank well.

4. Chatbots – A chatbot will give visitors the ability to ask questions without the need for a human. As machine learning has improved, interactions with visitors have become seamless, providing excellent upfront customer service.

5. Voice User Interface – While this is still very new, the technology is the brains behind Amazon’s Alexa and hundreds of other home devices. We are starting to see websites incorporating Voice User Interface to improve user experience and increase sales.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like more information on Web Design or a related topic, please contact us.