Digital Directory Management: Your Key to Local Business Success

Digital Directory Management: Your Key to Local Business Success

Remember when you wanted to find a business near you and the first place you went was the good old phone book? We all know that those days are long gone. The trusty mass of thin pages and tiny, smudgy, print has been replaced by website, map and directory listings by the dozens. Each and every one of these handy ways to find your business are sitting, just waiting for eager and local consumers to wander by so they can light the way to your superior establishment. There’s no denying it. Digital directories can be a business owner’s best friend, but they can also be a real nightmare. 

For most of us, digital directory management is a thing to dread to say the least. Being faced with the task of keeping all those dozens of website, map, and directory listings up to date and loaded with all the latest information about your business can keep you up at night for sure. And, unfortunately, ignoring the task is not going to help gain new customers. In fact, it will probably make potential customers run for the competition. Consider these possible reactions to inconsistent or missing directory information:

  • Consumers rely on these listings to be consistent around the internet. When they find information that conflicts with other information about your business they simply don’t know what is current and right, and what is old information that is not to be trusted.
  • Consumers get the impression that your budget is lacking. If you can’t pay to keep your phone number or business hours updated, then how close to going out of business are you?
  • Consumers may get the idea that your business is untrustworthy. Why doesn’t the information match?  Are you hiding something?
  • Consumers may get the impression that your quality standards are lower than they really are. It may not be fair, but for now the internet is king and first impressions are everything. Don’t blow yours with outdated directory listings.


Anyone with a business, particularly those operating in hyper local markets, need to be extra diligent in keeping track of all websites, maps, and directories they are listed in and keep these listings updated and consistent to assure the greatest success in their internet marketing efforts. It may not be your preferred way of advertising, or even your favorite task, but it is certainly your key to local market success. In today’s business world the internet is usually the first place consumers go to find the goods and services they need. Never forget to manage your digital directory listings with as much dedication as you do the rest of your marketing campaigns.

For more information, or assistance with your digital directory management needs, contact us and we will be happy to discuss ways to make managing your internet listings easy and stress free.