Digital Directory Management, Keeping Your Local Results Real

Digital Directory Management, Keeping Your Local Results Real

The importance of hyperlocal (and local) business listings to SEO and digital marketing cannot be overstated. This digital directory management affects SEO rankings and all forms of web marketing.   Unfortunately, almost half of those listings are outdated or the business/service provider has gone under. Add to that dynamic the fact that over 90% of web searchers rely on hyperlocal listings, and you have the recipe for a frustrated potential client. Nothing destroys a sale quicker than faulty hyperlocal listings and misinformation. Lost leads and frustrated customers are the antithesis of a thriving business.

All things local, but only if your info is current.

Different addresses, telephone numbers, web addresses and even products can be overlooked when directories are not updated. This wreaks havoc on organic SEO results. If a client can’t even contact you or view your products, they will move to the next best alternative without looking back. Since we are all in business to succeed, this directory update loophole frustrates not just customers but owners too.

Can the situation be corrected?

Not by yourself. For a business owner to update all their information on the multiple hyperlocal directories pertaining to their company would take hours, maybe days. That’s for a medium population. If you live in Los Angeles? Good luck. Fortunately for all of us, there are solutions available. Several hyperlocal vendors have begun offering directory management platforms to their small and medium business owners. Here are two of the most popular:


  1. Yext. A power-listing tool incorporated into Yext’s application allows business owners to update and post their information on over thirty different platforms, including Yelp and CitySearch. Businesses can update their information on the Yext dashboard one time, all hyperlocal directories will receive that synced data. When the directories are updated, the search engine and SEO value goes higher and drives more customers to the business. A user-friendly dashboard and a reasonable pricing structure add to the attraction of Yext as the go-to directory updating application.
  2. Universal business listing. UBL ensures that businesses who buy their app will be listed on over 300 search directories. UBS also connects with mobile phones, GPS and 411 directories for further market domination. A little more complicated than the Yext app and more expensive, UBS has appeal for larger companies competing at a global scale.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Your job as a business owner is to get the word out about your products to all who might be interested. Easily updating your hyperlocal directories is part of that plan. Digital marketing relies on searchers finding your products and information effortlessly. For more about the importance (and ease) of updating your local directories, please contact us.