Creating a Search Engine Optimization To-Do List

Creating a Search Engine Optimization To-Do List

Site navigation is one of the most important components of the user experience. In addition, it makes a big impact on your search engine optimization campaign.

Engage your users 

There’s nothing worse than a website with non-intuitive navigation. Users bounce around the site, clicking the same links over and over again before they eventually give up.

When this happens, they just go right back to Google’s search engine results pages. Poor navigation is indicative of a terrible user experience.

Listen to Google 

Another reason why site navigation is so important is because Google factors it into its search algorithm. Google prefers to send its users to sites that have intuitive navigation and a good user experience.

This Forbes article talks about Google’s interest in site navigation. According to the article, Google recommends planning your entire site around your homepage so users have a way to orient themselves:

“Even Google itself thinks organization and navigation clarity are important in its SEO guide. It emphasizes things like the relationship between clean navigation and search engines and makes suggestions like planning your site around your homepage in order to make visitor browsing more convenient.”

If you’re not satisfied with your site ranking, then your navigation may be at fault. Bring in real people and have them test your website empirically. You may find that it’s difficult for new users to find their away around your site.

More sales 

And finally, every business should care about site navigation because it has a direct impact on their sales. If users can’t find information about your products or can’t even navigate to your Contact Us page, then they’ll have no way to learn more about your business.

Every business should reevaluate its site navigation and see if there’s room for improvement. To talk more about search engine optimization, or anything else, contact us today.