Create a Better User Experience with Great Website Design

Create a Better User Experience with Great Website Design

Having a great website takes more than having cool graphics and well-written content. When a user lands on one of your web pages, your website design has to capture their attention in a matter of seconds. If a user cannot find what they are looking for, chances are they will click away and continue their search somewhere else.

It is important to incorporate a good user experience by paying attention to items such as navigation, text, and overall design. Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors.

Navigation Elements

A user needs to find what they are looking for within seconds after landing on your website. Most navigation is found along the top of a website or along the left sidebar. Studies have shown that these areas are primary locations in which users place their focus when navigating a website. If the pages of your website are difficult to find because of poorly placed navigation, your bounce rate (the rate in which users leave your website) will increase significantly.

Content Layout

Having content that engages the reader is always a plus. However, if your content is difficult to read, you may lose readers before they get past the first paragraph. Content cluttered with advertisements and graphics is an eyesore. White space is essential to easy readability. Also, pay attention to the length of articles. Extra long articles do better by breaking them up into sections in which readers can click on a “next” button or link to continue. The typography chosen is also key in readability. Fonts which are easy to read and are in a color that blends nicely with the background color of the page works well.

Make Vital Information Highly Visible

If your website sells a product or service, making key information such as pricing and order buttons highly visible is essential to making sales. Users should not have to search for shopping cart buttons, add to cart buttons, or item details such as descriptions, shipping fees, etc.

Creating a great user experience begins with great website design. An experienced web designer can consult with you and create a design that will provide the best user experience. A good user experience will prevent user frustration and lead to an increase in potential new customers and sales.

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