Can a Business Survive without Website Development in 2016?

Can a Business Survive without Website Development in 2016?

Website development may not excite the average business owner, but it’s an essential component of online marketing. With it, you can attract more prospective customers to your site and convert leads into sales. Here are a few things all business owners should know regarding website development:

Cohesion of design and function

Maybe not consciously, but many people judge companies based on their websites. If your website is clunky or has an unappealing design, then users won’t be eager to contact your business.

One of the most important aspects of website development is having a site that functions smoothly and matches your brand in terms of aesthetics. According to a recent Tech Cocktail article, your design should draw users in, and your site should work the way they want it to:

“Your website should not get the viewer’s attention because it is overly flamboyant or ostentatious. It should get an individual’s attention because it is attractive and appealing. Every detail should be perfect, and all of the various components of its design should fit together so that the overall presentation is beautiful.”

High conversion rates

Lead conversion is the ultimate goal of online marketing. An effective website will not just generate leads, but also convert a high percentage of them. You can integrate certain elements, like a timed call-to-action or social media sharing options, to give users more opportunities to convert.

Informative and engaging content

Your website content is crucial for two reasons. First of all, it’s exactly what Google is looking for when it crawls through your site. To get a good site ranking, you need to have good content. And secondly, your content will make or break your user experience. Your website design may lure prospective customers in, but your content needs to close the deal. Ideally, it should be informative and engaging enough to keep users wanting more.

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