Building A Company Brand With Social Media Marketing

Building A Company Brand With Social Media Marketing

In today’s media dense culture, more and more businesses are realizing the importance of building their brand through social media marketing. Online presence on social media provides three significant benefits that can help to solidify the legitimacy of any brand and profitability of a company.

Broaden Consumer Awareness

Social Media Marketing offers the ability to reach more potential customers than ever before. Not only can a company choose the dynamic they would like to reach when creating an advertising campaign, this type of marketing also provides the unique benefits of organic (when a potential customer interacts with a company’s page independent of an advertisement or shared post) and viral (posts or references they see on their newsfeeds from friends or liked pages activity) reaches. This means that aside from the leads that the advertisement would be sent to, those leads themselves provide touches to consumers that were never or would never be on their list.

Increased Positive Consumer Perception

A company’s social media presence can be a public relations department’s best friend.  Just how it can be utilized to reach a broader consumer base, it can also share with that consumer base all the social causes that it helps through contributed funds, products, or efforts. This is vital to a healthy public perception.  Public opinion matters! Recently, a few companies have been held accountable for their indiscretions, through protests and even boycotts, which obviously have a negative impact on their annual profits.

Improvement of Customer Satisfaction

Along with making customers aware of the company brand and culture, marketing via social media allows any company the fundamental ingredient to gaining customer loyalty. That key is constant customer interaction and feedback. Interacting with customers shows them the business cares about their wants and needs, and draws them in to the company culture and vision. When a customer feels that products or services are “tailor made” for them, they are more inclined to be loyal to the brand that makes them feel heard.

Utilizing social media marketing to build their brand, is a valuable necessity most companies cannot afford to neglect.  The keys to building a successful brand are to reach a broader consumer base, improve consumer perception of the company, and improve customer satisfaction through interaction on social media.

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