4 Important Ways To Boost Your WordPress Site’s Security

4 Important Ways To Boost Your WordPress Site’s Security

As you likely already know, web security is incredibly important. As your WordPress site becomes more well known, more hackers will be looking at your site. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to secure your site. 

1. Avoid Using Plugins

Did you know that out of the 10 most vulnerable WordPress plugins, five of them were commercial plugins available for purchase? Unfortunately, it’s true. While plugins can be great for your WordPress site, they can be seriously dangerous for your website security. Never keep plugins that you don’t actually use, as this just increases your risk. While you may still use plugins, you want to use the least amount possible, and you always want your plugins to be up-to-date. This won’t only boost your web security, it will also make your site run smoother.

2. Utilize Automatic Core Updates

If you’re running an older version of WordPress, any security flaw in the previous version is now common knowledge. Hackers can specifically target outdated WordPress sites. By automatically installing updates, you’re improving your WordPress security as it will be more difficult for hackers to target your site. 

Just so you know, automatic updates could crash your site, if you’re using plugins that are incompatible with the update or are outdated. Even so, keeping your WordPress site and plugins up-to-date plays a pivotal role in staying ahead o hackers and maintaining the security of your site. 

3. Hide Your Login Page

When it comes to web security, the last thing you want to do is make the hacker’s job easierBy relocating your login page, brute force attacks are nearly impossible. This is because most brute force attacks are automated, so if your login page isn’t www.sitename.com/wpadmin or www.sitename.com/wp-login.php they won’t be able to get in. 

4. Keep Your Computer Updated

Hackers can gain access to WordPress sites because of computer vulnerabilities. The only way to really combat this is to keep your computer’s security up-to-date at all times. Every time new software patches or operating systems are released, install them. Of course, always make sure you’re using a good antivirus software and keep that up-to-date as well.

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