Boost Your Google SEO By Optimizing Local Search

Boost Your Google SEO By Optimizing Local Search

If you’re looking for something fun to do in your area, and aren’t really sure where to go, what do you do? Google it. Maybe something along the lines of, “fun things to do in (your city)”.

This is called a Local Search – it’s where people look for products or services in their area by typing it into a search engine. The good news? Customers are looking for you on their own and all you have to do is be there for them, right on the front page of Google.

But how?

Think of your ideal customer. What type of services are they looking for that you can provide? Where would they be looking for it? Just like you were looking for fun things to do in your area, what might they type into Google to find your services in your area?

Once you have a list of a few possible keyword and keyword phrases, including the local town or city that you provide services in, make sure you incorporate those phrases into your website. You can do this in areas where you are providing information about your services, on your blog, and even add them into your urls. You can also add your location on any landing pages you may have, or bett yet, create individual pages onto your website for specific areas in which you provide these services.

Whatever you decide, the power of local searches for your business can exponentially grow your customer base. Understanding that customers now do their own research on products and services allows you to provide the information they need, in the area they need it. Customers want to find you quickly and giving them the power to do that by popping up on their local Google searches is how can increase your SEO efforts, and ultimately, your business.

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