6 Quick Video Strategies to Use in Your Internet Marketing Strategy

6 Quick Video Strategies to Use in Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Video is perhaps one of the most effective techniques in the Internet marketing tool box. You see, companies leveraging video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than those who do not. (Source: Hubspot). With advantages like creating meaningful connections with your audience, growing your subscriber list, boosting follower engagement, expanding your online reach, and increasing revenue, your business can’t afford not to implement an active video marketing campaign.

Video marketing works extraordinarily well with your social media efforts as videos receive higher engagement than post with text and images combined. The value of using video is great and we want to give you a simple yet profound list of six strategies to incorporate videos into your internet marketing plan.

Answer FAQs your clients & prospects are most likely to ask
This is an easy way to get started. Think of the common questions you’re asked regularly about your products or service. Make a list and create short (no more than 3 minute) videos that give the solution. You are giving value, and your followers will love you for it.

2. Share product videos

Another simple strategy. When talking about your products (or services), giving demonstrations and how-to’s are highly effective. Your platform, whether YouTube or Periscope, will be seen as the go-to source for product information.

3. Get customers to give video testimonials

Give your customers the opportunity to share how your company has benefited them in a positive way. This tactic is powerful because it reveals to the world that your product works! Prospects and leads and seeing the results from a customer-perspective…one they can relate to. It’s an excellent method to move potentials to buyers.

4. Repurpose your video content

Don’t forget to share your video on your blog and other social platforms. You can get it transcribed (if applicable) and post the written text on your blog along with the video or you can upload the audio to your Podcast. There are many ways to transform that one piece of context over different outlets.

5. Share how your brand impacts lives

Talk to your audience on how your business directly impacts others. Describe how your products or services enhances and meets the needs of your clients. This is another way to building connections with your fans. When you can elicit emotions that goes beyond your brand, it can make a big difference in how prospects react to your site.

6. Give call to action

Finally, never end a video without telling your viewers what to do next. This is where most marketers and businesses miss it…they give valuable information, inspire their audience, but don’t give a call to action. Whether you want them to click on a link below your video to subscribe to your list or share your video, be sure to tell them This can mean the difference of you generating leads, or not!

Including video strategies like these will help you to deeper connections with your audience. They will get to see the “who” behind the brand, thus building the know, like and trust factor. You will see a significant difference in your results, and you’ll love it. Happy video making!

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