5 Benefits of Mobile Responsive Websites

5 Benefits of Mobile Responsive Websites

Mobile responsive websites are not just a trend; responsiveness has become a staple in website design. Mobile responsive websites have evolved from incredibly practical to a modern day digital necessity. Here are five reasons as to why mobile responsive website design is considered beneficial in today’s market.

1. Improvements in Overall Experience

It is no question that mobile responsive website designs are favored by users over their non-responsive counterparts. In a nutshell, this is because a website that can easily be viewed from a computer, a tablet, or a phone. Making the visitor happier with the site and more likely to return. Sites that don’t move from platform to platform as easily, don’t load as quickly, can be frustrating overall and less likely to gain viewership.

2. Faster Development Across the Board

Mobile responsive websites have a uniquely flexible design that cuts time spent working on layouts and choosing platforms in half. Most designs have features that allow designers to turn on and off what platforms they choose to use, and have a means of viewing how the layouts look across those different platforms. Thus, the designer has the ability to spot check and improve upon what works or doesn’t work between the platforms, and provide a cohesive design across the board.

3. Increased Ability to Share on Social Media

Responsive designs already have built-in a means to share the site on social media, whether by share buttons or by linking the site to pages built on social media. Combine those features with the ability to view the site on any tech platform, and you have a guaranteed win-win situation. The sharing possibilities are endless!

4. Simplified Website Analytics

Because responsive website designs tend to be an all-in-one deal, encompassing a variety of platforms to view the site, analytics for the site are simplified down to one set of data to view. Yes, you can look at the different platforms and how each one is doing, but all of the data is found in one place! This makes everything easier with SEO and data management, and gives you, the designer and/or owner, less of a headache with site maintenance. 

5. Increased Mobile Traffic

Finally, responsive mobile website design creates a boost in mobile site traffic. This is because, once again, responsive mobile website designs give the viewer the same experience on a phone or tablet that they would on a computer. Thus, if a viewer looks up the site on their phone or tablet, that viewer will have an easy experience finding what they are looking for without having to wait until they get to a computer to, say, make an order on a product, or find an answer to a question. Easy accessibility and great user experience, therefore, makes for massive growth in site traffic.

Of course, there are many other major benefits to responsive mobile website design. We have only just scratched the surface! If you would like to find out more benefits to responsive mobile website design, please contact us, Lowcountry Media Solution LLC (located near Charleston, SC), today. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions!