Website Development Design Tips for Converting Visitors Into Leads

Website Development Design Tips for Converting Visitors Into Leads

The primary purpose of a business website is to help turn website visitors into new customers. You can have a well-designed website, however, what is it really worth if it cannot convert visitors into customers? What is a conversion? In terms of generating new leads, a conversion can mean capturing a visitor’s email address and nurturing them into customers through email messages. Below are some website development design tips that can help improve your conversion rate on your business website.

Use Forms and Place Them Strategically

Web forms are the primary way to collect visitor email addresses. Your forms should ask for visitor’s name and email address. In some cases, asking only for an email address is enough. If you want to ask for more information such as a city, phone number, etc., be aware that you will need a strong offer to entice users to provide those details. Place your forms in strategic areas of your website such as a sidebar, below your content, or even in a pop-up window.

Give Value in Exchange for an Email Address

Most people are not willing to give away their email address due to all of the spam that they are receiving on a daily basis. In order to capture a visitor’s email address, you have to offer valuable content that they want to receive in their inbox. It is important to know what your audience finds valuable. Whether it is coupons, industry news, or helpful tips, ensure that your content is well-written and something your audience finds useful.

Create Calls To Action

Your website literally has seconds to capture a visitor’s attention. Web visitor’s have short attention spans. This is why creating calls-to-action throughout your website is essential for directing users to your opt-in forms. You can use graphics for your calls-to-actions to point visitors in the right direction. Your calls-to-action should clearly tell your visitors how to receive their offer. Colorful, eye-catching graphics which link to a landing page work well for capturing visitor emails.

Converting your visitors into leads is an effective way to increase sales. It also gives you valuable data as to how your potential customers respond to your website and content.

These are only a few tips to help you improve your website conversions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We create professional custom website designs and develop them into engaging, interactive websites for optimal lead and sales generation.