3 Things Every Business Owner Should Know Regarding Link Building

3 Things Every Business Owner Should Know Regarding Link Building

Link building isn’t nearly as complicated as some articles make it out to be. Business owners and marketers just have to understand its impact on search engine optimization. Here’s what you really need to know:

Content isn’t the only thing that matters

What if I told you that content isn’t the long thing search engines look for? There’s been a huge push for content creation lately, but it’s not the only thing that affects SEO.

Here’s how Moz explains the function of link building:

“When they are deciding this, the search engines do not just look at the content of the page; they also look at the number of links pointing to that page from external websites and the quality of those external websites. Generally speaking, the more high-quality websites that link to you, the more likely you are to rank well in search results.”

Google will take note of how many links your site has. This will play an important role in your ranking.

Links from good sites will boost your ranking

The most effective links are the ones that come from high-quality websites. These demonstrate that you have a high level of credibility and authority in your industry.

To get these links, you need to fill your site with great content. They’ll boost your SEO, but you need to earn them by offering users as much value as possible.

There’s no point in buying or manipulating links 

And finally, don’t be the business that tries fooling Google. It never works out in the end.

Google can tell if you’re manipulating or buying links for the sake of SEO. If you’re caught, your site will get hit with a penalty that will erase any progress you made.

Don’t worry about the mechanics of Google’s search algorithm when it comes to link building. Just know that links can boost your SEO and you need a great site to acquire them. To talk more about link building, or anything else, contact us today.