3 Signs that Users are Having Trouble with your Website Design

3 Signs that Users are Having Trouble with your Website Design

You probably want to bring in as much business as possible with your website, but that’s tricky to do if your site needs a new website design. If your website is difficult for your users to use or if it is confusing, it can cause problems. These are a few signs that your users are having trouble with your website.

1. You’re Getting a Lot of Views but Not a Lot of Action

If you are getting a lot of page views but aren’t getting a lot of sales, there is a chance that your website design needs to be changed. If readers can’t easily find your products or services and order them or contact you, then they will probably move on to the next site. You might find that customers will take more action if you switch things around.

2. You Get a Lot of Confused Emails

Do you get a lot of emails from viewers who seem to be confused? For example, do you get complaints about your site, or do you get emails from individuals who are having trouble getting around? Although it might not mean much if this happens every now and then, it shouldn’t be happening often.

3. You Have to Show Others How to Use Your Site

If you have shared your site with your family members and friends and find that you have to describe how to use it, you should know that others might be having trouble as well. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to show them how to get around like you can with your loved ones.

If any of these three things sound familiar to you, it might be time to have your website redesigned. Luckily, you can contact us to find out more about having your website redesigned.