3 Points About Search Engine Optimization That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

3 Points About Search Engine Optimization That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Getting high search engine results is key. However, it’s just as important to rank for the right keywords. Here are a few tips to help you out with your SEO efforts.

Know Which Keywords to Use

When choosing keywords to rank for, don’t just focus on the competition and the monthly search volume. It’s just as important that the keyword bring in targeted traffic. Some keywords may seem like a good choice, but may not actually be so. You have to ask yourself what the intent of the searchers are and whether they would find your website interesting enough to click through.

Keyword Tools Aren’t Foolproof

You need to use a keyword tool to find out if a keyword is popular or not. However, keep in mind that a keyword tool is not foolproof. For example, Google’s Keyword Planner only gives you an estimated monthly search volume. It also doesn’t include traffic metrics from Bing, Yahoo and other networks. Keeping this in mind can help you when you have a choice of two keywords to target: One with a slightly higher search volume and larger competition, and one with a lower search volume and less competition.

Monitor Your Mobile Rankings

Go to your Google Search Console analytics to see if there are any differences between your rankings and click-through rates on desktop and mobile devices. If there are, you might need to fix some non-mobile friendly SEO metrics on your page. You should also consider using AMP.

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