3 Major Search Engine Marketing Trends to Expect in 2016

3 Major Search Engine Marketing Trends to Expect in 2016

As we enter the new year, you can bet that everyone from small to large businesses to aspiring business owners alike are trying to do everything in their power to ensure a prosperous new year. And for businesses who are particularly interested in making significant growth in the digital space in 2016, one of the absolute most important business areas to focus on is search engine marketing. To help your business to benefit from consistent online growth with SEO in the new year, the first step is to get familiar with these 3 Major Search Engine Marketing trends to expect in 2016:

1. Rise of interactive content

From long and short videos, slide-shows, and podcasts, search engines will give much more weight to different forms of interactive content in the near future. Because while, traditionally, search engines would only really be able to scan and rank webpages based on textual content, the ever-increasing popularity and real life value of interactive content has pushed search engines to pay more attention.

2. Need for longer content 

As much as search engines rely on technical factors and algorithms to evaluate web pages, the number one indicator of value in SEO is quality content. Successful business websites and online publishers know this already and have been leveraging this fact to their benefit for as long as SEO has been around. To remain competitive in 2016, plan to push the boundaries on the length of your content while still creating content that’s of high quality.

3. A massive move to mobile

With the immense growing popularity of mobile apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Gmail, Pandora Radio and countless other messaging, gaming, and social media apps, in 2016 we’ll see much more focus on mobile content in the search engine marketing space as well, as big and small brands dedicate more and more of their marketing budget to expanding their mobile footprint. Having a mobile-friendly website used to be enough, but in the near future we’ll begin to see that that’s just the bare minimum for SEO success.

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