3 Indicators You Can Look at to Track Your Search Engine Marketing Efforts

3 Indicators You Can Look at to Track Your Search Engine Marketing Efforts

Sometimes it’s difficult to know whether you’re making progress with your search engine marketing efforts or not. Even though you should adjust your expectations for the long-term, there are a few indicators you can track in the meantime.

Your domain authority 

Your site’s domain authority is probably the most telling indicator in regard to your search engine marketing campaign. It assigns your site a score of 1-100 that predicts your PageRank on Google.

According to a recent Marketing Profs article, however, it’s not exactly representative of your SEO campaign. Instead, it shows how your site matches up against others in your industry:

“Some SEO experts say a good domain authority is between 35 and 50; 50 and above is outstanding. In reality, there’s no simple answer to the question. Domain authority is not a measure of your SEO efforts—it’s really a competitive metric best used to compare your site against others in your market.”

If you take domain authority for what it is, then it can give you valuable insight into your SEM efforts.

Your content

Nowadays it’s almost impossible to run a successful search engine marketing campaign without producing original high-quality content. This is exactly what Google looks for when its bot crawls your site. By reviewing your content objectively, you’ll get an idea of how your SEM campaign is performing.

Fluctuations in your site traffic

Your website traffic isn’t perfectly correlated with your SEM success, but it’s a useful indicator nonetheless. An increase in site traffic has no bearing on the relevancy of your leads, but it at least shows that your site is attracting new users. Keep an eye on fluctuations in your traffic and try to identify potential causes, such as a website redesign, a popular social media post, or a recent email newsletter.

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