3 Easy SEO Tips to Improve Your Internet Marketing in 2016

3 Easy SEO Tips to Improve Your Internet Marketing in 2016

Incorporating best SEO practices into your Internet Marketing is vital to positioning your content in front of your target audience on Google. In fact, search engines is the #1 source for content traffic generation, beating social media by more than 300% (Source: IronPaper). It’s the favored choice for consumers and decision-makers to looking up product information, discovering answers to problems, and locating nearby stores. When your business fails to implement SEO techniques, your audience will have difficulty finding your content.

Here are three simple SEO tactics to help boost your presence and content ranking online:

#1 Focus on creating more optimized landing pages

It is important to optimize your landing page to increase organic search visibility and lead generation. The more landing (or capture) pages you create that are well-designed with strong lead offers, the more opportunities you open up for search traffic and conversions. To improve these pages, choose a long-tail keyword and use it to create your landing page. Be sure to include title tags, a meta description, and keywords. Add fresh content to your page with a goal of 2000+ words because it shows Google that your page is valuable, provides more opportunities to plug in your keyword and increase outbound links…all key ingredients to ranking highly!

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#2 Increase your visual marketing

By inserting more multimedia types into your website or blog content, it keeps your audience engaged which enhances search engine optimization. You see, the longer your audience spends on your site, the better ranking your content receives. Yet also, visual content like videos, images, infographics and slideshows have a profound effect on engagement and building relationships. These content types enriches the user website experience and expands your online reach as you provide multiple ways for viewers to connect with your message.

#3 Continue to create quality, engaging content

Real success to your Internet marketing strategy lies in creating relevant content that solves the problems of your target audience and piques their interest. When you are clear on your buyer persona and create content that resonates with them, you draw quality prospects to your site and boost your SEO in the process. Visitors will remained engaged with your content, keeping them on your site.

Share your content with your email lists and social media followers. Use visuals to also promote your blog content on sites like Instagram and Pinterest to increase traffic. Finally, implement targeted keywords to enhance your SEO tactic.

When implemented, these easy SEO tips will help boost your search engine results, giving you increased website traffic, higher conversions, and a boost in follower engagement…all real results to enhancing your bottom line in 2016!