3 Common Web Design Myths

3 Common Web Design Myths

Want more customers? Then you need a great website design. Your website is the face of your brand on the web, just like the outdoor facade of your office building and the appearance of your staff reflects your company style. Here are a few common myths about web design.

Myth #1: You Can Do It Plain and Easy

You’ve probably come across an untold number of websites that are using pre-designed templates or WordPress themes and are using images that were obviously pulled from free stock photo websites. If you want to be unique and present your brand, you need to have a custom template and use custom photos that are real visuals.

Myth #2: You Need to Like It

You don’t need to like your website’s design; your visitors need to like it. Just because it fits your personal taste doesn’t mean it will fit the tastes of your target audience. You need to do some testing and find out what works for your visitors. Create a website that is easy to navigate and is optimized for increasing conversions.

Myth #3: Your Website Needs to Change Overnight

Web design is a continuous process. You need to constantly keep tweaking your web design. There is always room for improvement. It’s not necessarily something that you do overnight during a few hours of site maintenance. Sometimes, you do need a big visual overhaul, but you still need to keep testing your website to see what works.

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