16 Quick Effective Content Ideas to Enhance Your Internet Marketing Strategy

16 Quick Effective Content Ideas to Enhance Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Your content marketing strategy is indeed a key piece to your overall Internet marketing blueprint.  The beauty of an effective Internet marketing plan is creating content that draws your audience to you by sharing relatable messages that appeals to your audience.  You see, once you’ve identified who yourtarget market is and clearly understand their pains and problems, you can tailor your content around that to deliver valuable information.  The key is serving your audience a variety of content types so you speak to the different learning styles of your readers.

The good news is there are countless ideas to creating content that your market seeks to read.  You’ll never run out of topics to talk about and types of content to create when you know your market.  Here are 16 of the most effective kinds of content to consider in your Internet marketing:

16 Content Strategy Ideas

#1 Blog articles

#2 Visuals/Images

#2 Video

#4 Case Studies

#5 User Generated Content (highly effective)

#6 Research reports

#7 White Papers

#8 Surveys

#9 Infographics

#10 Lists

#11 Podcasts

#12 eNewsletters

#13 Webinars

#14 How-to Guides

#15 Interviews

#16 Slideshares

With testing and measuring, you’ll soon discover which types of content best resonates with your audience, giving you a solid direction on which to focus your energies on more.

Quick SEO tip: Search engines favors content that has over 2,000 words.  In other words, the longer and more detailed your content, the better for ranking!

Your ultimate goal in your content marketing is to produce content that solves problems, engages your audience, and moves them to action.  With content marketing being one of the most powerful sources to creating new traffic and customer acquisition, it’s vital that your company implements a solid content strategy to generate these results in your brand.  Your revenue will increase and your prospects will be delighted…a win-win!

For more ideas on how to create a content strategy that accomplishes the goals and objectives of your business, contact us here!  We’re ready to help.