Why Your Website Needs a Responsive Design

Why Your Website Needs a Responsive Design

01We are in the era of the mobile web. According to StatCounter.com, more people now access the internet via a smartphone or tablet than via a desktop computer. Simply put, this means that your website must employ responsive design. What is that, you ask?  To a web designer, it means a site that uses fluid grids, flexible layouts and CSS.  To a business owner, it means a website that looks good on any kind of device.  

This is important because old-school, non-responsive sites frustrate smartphone and tablet users.  Mobile users expect websites to render well on their devices. They do not have the patience or time to deal with ones that do not and quickly abandon them.  

Why are non-responsive websites frustrating? One, the content does not respond to the size of the device and slides off the page. This means that the user has to move the pages back and forth to read them.  A responsive site solves this problem by fitting the content to the screen, whether it is on a smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop.

Secondly, the text on non-responsive sites is usually too small to read. This means that a user has to “pinch and scroll,” making the pages bigger to read them and then smaller to navigate through them.  A responsive site solves this issue by using larger, clearer text. No more pinching and scrolling. 

The number of people reaching the web on a mobile device is only going to increase. Websites designed for desktop viewing are going to suffer as visitors abandon them for competitor sites that perform well on smartphones and tablets.

If you are ready to make your website responsive and attractive to mobile users, then contact us. We create engaging, eye-catching sites and look forward to working with you.