Web Design – Three Ways to Keep Users on Your Site Longer

Web Design – Three Ways to Keep Users on Your Site Longer


It makes sense that you want to keep users on your website as long as possible.  The longer they stay and the more engaged they are, the greater the chance that they will complete some sort of desired action like downloading your ebook, completing your newsletter sign up form or purchasing your product.   

So how do you keep visitors on your website for more than just a few seconds?  The best way is through your website’s design.  A well-designed site provides a pleasant experience and keeps people involved. A badly designed site leads to frustration and high bounce rates.  So how do you design a site that encourages users to stay and engage?  Here are three ways.


Simple Navigation

This seems like a no-brainer.  Of course you want a site that makes finding information and products easy.  But many sites do just the opposite by having visitors wade through irrelevant information or by making them click on too many links to find what they want.  A site with clear navigation creates a positive user experience. Visitors do not want a hassle. They want a fast, easy solution.  Simple navigation provides this.


Fast Loading Times

Google likes sites that load quickly, and so do users.     A fast site creates a good visitor experience, and a good visitor experience leads to more conversions. Slow load times lead to site abandonment, and according to BounceExchange, 70% of people who abandon a site never return.  Since 47% of mobile users expect a website to load in two seconds or less, sites that do not load quickly risk losing customers and sales.  To keep people on your website make sure it employs the latest fast-loading technology, like Google’s AMP (accelerated mobile pages).    


More Video

Video has a huge impact on how long people stay on a website.  It engages them and creates brand trust by involving visitors in stories about the company, its mission, its customers and more.  Video creates an emotional bond because humans respond to pictures more than to simple works on a page.  Users will skip over text, but they will sit and watch a video from beginning to end.   Add videos to your site and watch your bounce rate drop and your conversion rate go up.

Make your website stand out from the rest by incorporating a design with easy navigation, fast pages and more video.  If you have questions or need professional help, then please contact us.  We’re standing by to assist and looks forward to working with you.