Web Design for Peak Engagement in 2019

Web Design for Peak Engagement in 2019

A fresh new year is just around the corner, and it’s a great time to commit to new goals.  If you are the typical go-getter business owner, you’ve already sat down and set amazing goals for 2019. You feel inspired and driven towards accomplishing these things. One or more of your goals may include finances, and you may want to increase your business sales for a more prosperous life. 

One quick question. When’s the last time you redesigned your website? One of your goals should include growing your online business by updating your web design in 2019.

Here’s 3 reasons.

1. Customers crave new information. Stale information is a deterrent. 

2. Search engines love new content/information, and will reward you. (1)

3. It could change your online business forever. 

Ideally, your website should tell a story. People identify with stories. Big businesses use stories to sell us cars, houses, loans and jewelry. They have for years.  These businesses are operating online in the “Blue Ocean” (2) which is an online strategy that makes the competition obsolete, because your products and services have virtually no competitors. This can take years to accomplish, but a good start is to redesign toward engaging content.

Product features are important, but the days of setting up the product features, writing a short description and being done with the product page are over. In order to differentiate your product from the red ocean of products for sale online, you have to tell customers why they need your product. You should also tell them why they should buy it from you. How is your business different, and how are your products better? Tell a story. 

From your About Us page to your product pages, stories work. For example, you may tell a story on your about us page about why you started the business. Was it to support your family, or maybe you feel strongly about helping people solve the problems your products solve? You can tell the story by video or written word, but the story must be told. Making updates online may feel overwhelming when you get into the details of what needs to be done, like adding a video to a product page, but it doesn’t have to be. When you have an experienced design team working for you, like Lowcountry Media Solutions LLC, it’s easy. Contact us for how we can help.