Web Design for Optimal Holiday Sales

Web Design for Optimal Holiday Sales

Holiday sales are projected to increase 17-22% in 2018. Is your website ready for the increased opportunity? Whether you sell electronics, books, toys or consultations, someone will be shopping for it during the holiday season, and now is the time to get ready. There are several things to think about when preparing a retail website for months with a higher purchase rate. With the right tweaks and adjustments to your site’s design (and a few other details), you can make the most of your holiday opportunities. 

Design elements to think about before the holidays:

1. Homepage banner. Is your home page banner size large enough to make a striking first impression, and do you have the right image in place? If you have any holiday specials or events going on, this is definitely the place to feature them. 

2. The search box. Is your search box large enough and easy to spot? Having an easy to find search box can make it easier for your visitor to find what they need and will increase holiday conversion rate. 

3. Product pages. Have you added any new products to your website? Also, make sure all products have an up to date picture and descriptions. 

4. Prices. Are your prices up to date? Any products with increases costs may need a price increase. Also, any products with lower costs may need a price decrease. Holiday traffic demands the right price. 

5. Shipping. The holidays are a great time to lower minimums for free shipping or offer free shipping on everything. Yes, this is an investment but it’s another change that can drastically increase conversion rate and sales. 

These changes should be easy to make. Some changes you can do on your own like product pictures or prices, but even the design changes should be reasonable to update before the holidays. You should have a website design team that you trust in place to make the tweaks on the back end. A professional website design team like Lowcountry Media Solutions LLC can make seasonal updates and other design changes easier and quicker than trying to figure it out yourself.  Website design changes require technical knowledge, so this will be an investment for your company, but having a well working and up to date site is critical to make the most holiday sales as well as sales any other time of year. Contact us for more information on how to get started.