2 Tips About PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising

2 Tips About PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising

Have you ever wondered why more people do not use PPC? It has a tremendous amount of upside, showing your content to swaths of people, displaying that content very quickly after you start the campaign, but it also carries a certain amount of financial risk. Here are two facts to keep in mind about PPC.

You Do Not Have to Use Google

Many people who start PPC campaigns assume that Google AdWords is the only way to go. However, there are other options out there. It is true that Google gets the most eyeballs, but it is important to remember, that your PPC campaign will get a certain amount of clicks, say 200, and then it will shut off for the month. Sometimes, other search engines, like Bing, will offer a better deal for certain keywords. Additionally, different search engines have different types of audiences. Studies have shown that Bing users are not as technically savvy as Google users, so if you are selling a high-tech product you may want to stick to Google.

Beginners Might Want to Avoid Broad Match

Have you ever noticed an irrelevant ad next to your organic search results? For instance, you may have searched for the words “Does football start in September?” and you may have seen an ad for fall clothing. This is because in a broad match PPC campaign, sometimes only one word (in this case September) needs to be matched for your ad to show. Your brand gets out there, but this can get expensive quickly, so it is not for neophytes.

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