The Importance of Web Security for Small Businesses

The Importance of Web Security for Small Businesses

In today’s digital market, many small businesses make the mistake of thinking that they are too small to be targets of cyber-attacks. This results in a false sense of security-the reality is, that small business are actually more attractive not less. If you own a small business, you need to understand the multitude of threats your business can face; take a look at the following reasons that your small business should invest in Secure WordPress Hosting. 



Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to attack. According to USA Today Verizon’s 2017 Breach Investigation Report showed how security breaches have hit small business far more than any other sector, growing to affect 61 percent of small businesses up from 53 percent the year before.  More importantly, a majority of those businesses fail shortly after suffering an attack. 


Passwords Are Ineffective 

When determining whether website security is worth it, consider the password. The password is the security measure that many small business owners trust completely. What the big data breaches of the last few years have taught us is that passwords are almost worthless as a stand alone security measure. In many of the major breaches, the cause was weak or reused passwords. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) posits that multi-factor authentication may be a more effective option.



If your small business processes credit cards, you will need to be Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. Not meeting PCI security standards can result in high fines for a small business. Investing in internet security can keep your small business compliant and help it to stay compliant as it grows. 


Internet Security is Easiest for Small Businesses 

One of the big issues that larger companies face is the daunting nature of a complete security practices overhaul. Upgrading is often arduous in terms of both logistics and cost. Agility is one benefit of being small, making sweeping security updates and changes not only faster but cost effective. 


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