The Importance of Secure WordPress Hosting

The Importance of Secure WordPress Hosting

In Charleston SC, as with everywhere in the world, WordPress Security is a major focus. The importance of website security often involves more than just the business involved. Indeed it can mean massive problems for customers, search engines, and even service providers. In this article we will focus on some common ways websites can be hacked and what the effect of those hacks may be.


Method #1: Brute Force and Common Words

In this method, a hacker uses software to put in different passwords again and again. The idea is to expose easy to guess passwords. Another potential danger is using the same password everywhere. That can be a problem if another website is compromised. Once a hacker gains access to a WordPress admin area, they can post incorrect information all over your website. That can harm your reputation with your customers as they begin to worry about trusting you with their information. In addition, Google can lower your rank as it sees inconsistent or manipulative information being published. 


Method #2: Trusting Plugins and Themes 

Not every plugin and theme has been tested against hacking. That can mean opening your website to additional security risks. Hackers can use these holes to manipulate data and even send customers to phishing websites. These are websites that look like yours, but are designed to trick your customers into giving out information. In addition, removing these components from your website can often be very difficult and time consuming.


Method #3: Using You or Your Computer

Some hackers lie about who they are to gain information. They may have just enough information about you to trick your web host into resetting the main password. Another method may be to simply install malware on your computer. That can lead them to watching every keystroke you make and then just re-playing your password to gain access. The effect of this is that you could lose complete control of your website and everything connected to it.


The best way to prevent disaster is to establish your website using a secured WordPress hosting provider. To learn more about building on a secure website platform, please contact us.