Search Engine Optimization: Playing the LONG Game

Search Engine Optimization: Playing the LONG Game

In the early days of the internet, it was easier to rank well for a one or two-word query. However, now it would take a tremendous amount of effort, energy, and smarts to rank organically on the first page of Google for a word like “food”, or “blog”, or anything generic like that. Because of that fact of life, search engine optimization is moving toward ranking for long-tail keywords, which are usually composed of 3 or more words. These phrases have less traffic, but they come with advantages of their own to counterbalance that.

Easier to rank for

There is less competition for these terms, so it is easier to rank high for them.

More Qualified Web Searchers

If someone is searching for a long-tail keyword, they are most likely farther along in the sales funnel. This means it is easier to sell them your product or service. opines:

Long-tail keyword phrases catch the customer in a later point within the purchasing funnel. They know exactly what they are looking for, down to the details (options excluded!). They don’t want just any watercolor painting, they want a watercolor painting of a landscape. Sure, they don’t know which one just yet, but you’re presenting them their filtered options.

Of course, you should not target a phrase just because you think you can rank for it. However, long-tail keywords, if relevant to your business, can be very useful.

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